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 “Leave a review” is increasingly being shunned by customers. Statistic shows only a handful of 3-4% of customers are actually leaving a review after ordering a product. 

On Amazon platform this has a tremendous impact on orders, it makes it more difficult to launch new products. 

As for existing sales, while you do get orders, there is a vital need to get the reviews for your products and subsequently generate more orders. 

 Reviews are increasingly dictating your sales and this pain has created Feedback Temple, a place where all members are committed into putting time in writing reviews for fellow members, on basis of legit orders. The way it works it’s by having all members of Feedback Temple purchasing other members products first, only after leaving their reviews on those products they can also offer to other members their own products to be bought and reviewed.

 Effectively, Feedback Temple helps you get those much needed first reviews for the newly-listed products or increases the number of reviews for your mature-listed products in a much faster way than your competitors and all within Amazon T.O.S. 

Yes. No member will be offered a compensation for leaving a review. Participating members are not being requested to leave a positive review and it is solely on the buyer’s discretion whether it leaves a positive or a negative review.

 All it’s being asked from you is to put the time into it and review the product you’ve purchased, just like any other customer.  Also, we recommend our members not to engage in purchasing a competitor’s product, if by chance it is on the Feedback Temple offers, as this will be against Amazon T.O.S. once they leave a review.


You start with FREE 45-day trial. Once the 45 days are over our plan is $19 / month.

Yes, you can cancel anytime.

Two limits are in place. 

3 Weekly reviews – each product you propose to enter on Feedback Temple offer list, can obtain a maximum of 3 reviews per week.

30  Lifetime reviews  – each product you propose to enter on Feedback Temple offer list, can obtain a maximum of 30 reviews.

 Those limits were set to create and encourage an effective process to log new reviews.

All the reviews are the honest opinion of a member who purchased your product. This is the reason limits were set in place in order to prevent Sellers from asking too many reviews from fellow members.

 No. Feedback Temple uses an algorithm that prevents “cross-selling” between members. Once a member buys your product, you cannot buy their listed product on Feedback Temple and vice versa.

 Reviews matter, but so does your ranking in the category listing of the Amazon platform. Constantly, Amazon Sellers are looking for ways to drive external traffic, while at the same time increasing their rank for high volume Amazon keywords.
 2-Step URL replicates a search for a specific keyword when you direct someone to your listing. 
 We want to support your efforts to encourage your customers to engage with your products. Therefore, we are creating a 2-step URL. When you place your product in offers you add a keyword for which our system creates 2-step URL, so when somebody purchases your product through our system it opens a 2-step URL which boosts your ranking for that keyword.

To track and verify the reviews left by members, Feedback Temple system uses the link you provide to your Amazon Profile. This information is public and, by default, it will not disclose any personal account information.
 Practically, the link to your Amazon profile will only provide already public available information.