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If you are fed up with not getting enough
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Stop seeing your competitors getting tons of verified reviews while you fall behind them!

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Feedback Temple is a community with thousands of Amazon Sellers offering their products for review. It’s like a review group you might see on Facebook or LinkedIn, but without the risks of breaking Amazons TOS, and without spending countless hours online begging people to buy your product for those crucial, early reviews.

  First, you’ll chose to buy and review products, because every product YOU review earns you points. One point for every $1 spent. You’ll then use those points to create your own offers and collect your own verified reviews.

  So, for example if you order Jim’s product for $20 and review it – you earn 20 points. If your product costs only $10, then your 20 points lets you offer 2 units and collect 2 reviews!

  It’s reciprocal reviewing, but with one very cool rule – if someone reviews your product, you can’t review them back! This is how Feedback Temple keeps Amazon clean from bias, spam reviews and other shady practices that break Amazon’s TOS. We’re serious about fair selling.

  And you can be proud that every review you get is 100% real and unbiased and that you’re contributing to Amazon being a safe, fun, and profitable place to do business.

Yes. No member will be offered a compensation for leaving a review. Participating members are not being requested to leave a positive review and it is solely on the buyer’s discretion whether it leaves a positive or a negative review.

 All it’s being asked from you is to put the time into it and review the product you’ve purchased, just like any other customer.  Also, we recommend our members not to engage in purchasing a competitor’s product, if by chance it is on the Feedback Temple offers, as this will be against Amazon T.O.S. once they leave a review.


You start with FREE 45-day trial. Once the 45 days are over our plan is $19 / month.

Yes, you can cancel anytime.
In order to remain within Amazon terms of service at all times, Feedback Temple automatically restricts the volume of and type of transactions. 

Feedback Temple allows sellers to offer up to 3 units of each product each week, up to 30 offers for the lifetime of the product.   

Feedback Temple allows buyers to purchase up to 3 products per week or up to 8 products per month.

Feedback Temple restricts reciprocal reviewing so you cannot buy and review the products of another member who has already purchased your products.

It is your responsibility to monitor reviews and remain within the limit of 15% of total monthly units sales receiving a review. So, for every 100 units you sell in each month you can receive a maximum of 15 reviews. This includes all reviews generated inside and outside Feedback Temple.



 Feedback Temple restricts reciprocal reviewing so you cannot buy and review the products of another member who has already purchased your products. 

 Reviews matter, but so does your ranking in the category listing of the Amazon platform. Constantly, Amazon Sellers are looking for ways to drive external traffic, while at the same time increasing their rank for high volume Amazon keywords.
 2-Step URL replicates a search for a specific keyword when you direct someone to your listing. 
 We want to support your efforts to encourage your customers to engage with your products. Therefore, we are creating a 2-step URL. When you place your product in offers you add a keyword for which our system creates 2-step URL, so when somebody purchases your product through our system it opens a 2-step URL which boosts your ranking for that keyword.

  To track and verify the reviews left by members, Feedback Temple system uses the link you provide to your Amazon Profile. The account that you are going to leave reviews from.  This profile can be different from your seller account.
  This information is public and, by default, it will not disclose any personal account information.